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Our Mission

Our mission is to Help, Improve, & Push people into development to reach their fullest potentials in everything they choose to do in Life. Purchasing a candle or a private session from this store the buyer enters a new phase in change and progress. Know that you can be heard, believed , and helped to bring out the best in You. Each scent selected, is not just a random choice. Personalities can be represented with words, with actions, with passion and expression. All our candles are being produced in order to help consumers get in alignment with who they truly are! Each candle has a 48 hour burn life, every consumer will be serviced upon request with 48 hours of support, life coach and one to one practice to identify their goal and make it all happen! Your happiness, growth & acceleration depends on your decision to make it all happen!

Let us Identify your Next Action to Take & Start Your Journey Towards a Clearer Path

Why To Choose Us

We are here to create awareness. we are here to support and guide all the way through your life’s journey. It may start from a simple candle, from a selected scent, with a little note as a reminder that we are all in this together. Creating personalities that are strong to phase anything. That are aware of their strength and realize that this is a life’s journey worth exploring!

Coaching is a process in which the client wishes to achieve personal growth in their life and the coach is there to act as a guide and to provide structure and method to the process of analyzing the challenge and aiding the client in developing strategies and ways of thinking to accomplish this change. It is the client who achieves change, the coach cannot ever do this for the client.

Coaching can involve any aspect of the client’s life, including mental, emotional, physical, relational and financial. The client retains full responsibility for all of these, their own wellbeing and is solely responsible for any actions or decisions they take as a result of the coaching process. The client recognizes that the coach is not and cannot be held liable for any action or inaction or any direct or indirect result of the coaching process. The client recognizes that coaching cannot ‘cure’ anything, mental or physical and is not a replacement for therapy or medical help.

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