The program offered is a 9-week training and coaching session aimed at helping individuals understand and make peace with past traumas, identify their strengths and weaknesses through their feelings, and move towards a freer life path. The program involves 90-minute one-to-one sessions per week, which can be conducted via live video calls or physical meetings. The focus is on unfolding the truth, which can be a painful and scary process but can ultimately help individuals become who they were meant to be. Upon purchase, an agreement will be signed by both parties, and the purchase is non-refundable. The program aims to help individuals make necessary changes to start a new life and live a worthy and motivated future.

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This is a 9 week training and coaching to understand past traumas, to make peace with what has hurt us, to understand why we feel what we feel and how feelings can be used to identify weaknesses and strengths and move on to a freer life path.

Remember that it is by only making peace with what has broken us that we get back to life. We get back to current state and we empower ourselves to seek a better future.

Unfolding the truth is painful and scary, but it can save your life and bring you to a journey of becoming who you were meant to be.

9 weeks, 90 minutes of one-to-one sessions per week to unfold your true self, to find your light and get back to motivation and creation.

Upon purchase, you will be contacted immediately to arrange and book all 9 weeks’ 90 minute per week sessions. An agreement will be signed from both sides so that there are no miss interpretations as to what should be expected from either side.

All sessions can be performed as live video calls upon acceptance, zoom meetings or in physical form whenever is plausible.

This is a NO-REFUNDABLE PURCHASE therefore your decision to purchase should be solid, serious and ready to start making the necessary changes for your new life to begin.

Your new life is just one decision away. Be extremely specific and ready to make peace with the past, appreciate the present to live a worthy and motivated future!


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